I do a lot of stuff (see below), but it’s all focused on delivering the best layouts for your next brochure, your next website, your next app, your next …

Web Layouts

Visualize how your new website will look with pixel-perfect mockups and clickable prototypes. Color-corrected and production-ready graphics.

Print Layouts

Handling anything from a businesscard to a billboard, I can take a project right from initial concept to delivery of final print.

App design

App designs for both mobile and web – get clickable demos on your own device, with usability and visuals hand in hand to ensure a pleasant experience.


Help people easily understand complex issues in a simple, visual style with clean and professional infographics.


Professional, clean logo designs that are optimized and color-proofed for print and web.


If your project calls for it, I do visualizations, pretty icons and short animations in the third dimension.


Custom icon designs to add style to your content. Done in print-friendly formats, so you can use it in any size.


Years of experience with web tech means IOSQ designs fit into your production pipeline from the start.


Get input on your graphical style, advice for an app design or sparring on overall concepts.

Next-level selfie

From time to time I help out with a portrait or two – if you want something nicer than an iphone selfie, let me know.


From Sketch to site in 60 seconds

From your first napkin sketches to the final website sparkling in all it’s internet glory, IOSQ can help you realize the project. Weapon of choice is currently WordPress/Woocommerce and basically any plugin, theme or gizmo that does the job.


Print and deliver

Years of experience with delivering layouts for print on anything from t-shirts to massive billboards. So if you need help with a brochure, poster, flyer or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Everything from the initial layout through to final printed and packaged delivery on your company doorstep is handled.


There’s a layout for that

Doing mobile designs have become a regular part of most projects these days. I have many years of experience doing both native app layouts for iOS/Android and mobile versions of websites for customers big and small.


Info, meet graphics

Any kind of infographics – for print or web – is no sweat. I can do hand-drawn illustrations, clean vector graphics or small animated explainer graphics.


The third dimension

For some tasks, 3D is a nice addition – like for cute little icons, with that crisp cartoon look. Or when visualizing a product packaging. Or adding some extra depth in the imagery for a printed brochure. Or a glass of white.

I do basic 3D and work in Blender.


Icons galore

If you need a custom set of icons to make your product stand out or just a couple of extra ones to fit your specific niche, I can help with clean vector icons that look consistent and fit into your existing pipeline.


Web technologies

20+ years of hands-on experience with frontend web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and backend stuff like PHP, means that I understand implementation challenges from a coders perspective and include that thinking in the design process.

This means all designs are easy to implement and that I can flag issues and work with developers to find the easiest possible solution.


Need someone to talk to?

If you have an existing product, brochure, flyer or considering a new website or app and just need to bounce some ideas around, I’m available for sparring and input.

I can help with alternative design routes, feedback on what works and what doesn’t – or heck, just a fresh perspective.


On occasion, I do photography.

More of a hobby and less of a profession, I don’t have the full lighting setup that is sometimes required for projects – but a high-grade DSLR camera and the skills necessary to do professional color-correction usually works out pretty well.